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Conrad Algarve Summer Programme

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SPECIAL EVENTS July and August


Experience a memorable culinary journey through the traditional Algarvian flavours, which inspired the Executive Chef Osvalde Silva in creating the new summer menu for Louro Restaurant. An organic take back to the influences and roots of the Algarve, reflected in a fresh and contemporary approach. Choose from a variety of dishes, or simply let yourself be taken by the Chef’s suggestion, starting with the typical “Xerém of clams, scarlet shrimp and pork greaves”, or “Stuffed squid with cockle bread stew, prawns from the coast and sea grapes”. As a sweet ending try our Pastry Chef´s suggestion, and go with “Flor de Laranjeira”, in an algarvian combination of orange jam, carob pudding, orange ice.


Gusto by Heinz Beck is gearing up for the summer and its delightful evenings on the Terrace, combining its contemporary Mediterranean kitchen with scenic views over the Algarve countryside or the inspiring fire torches surrounding the majestic infinity pool.


Gusto Bar offers a true cocktail experience featuring our very own mixologist Nelson de Matos and his new cocktail menu “The Age of Discovery”. Nelson’s signature menu has been inspired by the poetic work “Os Lusíadas”, by the writer Luís Vaz de Camões, considered to be an icon in Portuguese literature. Completed in 1556, the works were first published in 1572, three years after the author’s return from the Orient. The main theme is the discovery of the sea route to India by Vasco da Gama, around which other episodes of Portugal’s history and the successes of the people of Portugal are highlighted. This masterpiece is made up of 10 “cantos” and the fresh new cocktail menu will have 10 signature cocktails, created to provide you with an adventure of flavours.


The chic Lago Lounge brings to you a new pop-up concept featuring the perfect pairing between Sushi and Champagne. For your evening sunset, enjoy your Sushi Experience at Lago Lounge, from 6.00 pm onwards.


Come and enjoy a fresh dining experience based on the finest Atlantic coastal flavours. Choose from a variety of fresh fish and a wide seafood selection from the restaurant display or try some of Chef Osvalde Silva´s favourite dishes, such as the grilled Sea Bass or Ria Formosa Prawns.


This Summer, Little C Palace kids club team is very excited with all the new adventures and experiences which await you. Visit the Club (on floor 0) or contact our team at  for details on regulations, fees, schedules and reservations. 


John Hoyland

One of Britain’s leading abstract painters and printmakers. Hoyland emerged at the forefront of the abstract movement in Britain in the early 60’s and remained an energetic and innovative force within the field, until his death in 2011. His first paintings date from the 1950s and were mostly portraits and landscapes of his native Sheffield. His art was decisively influenced in the late 1950s and 1960s by his experience of American Abstract Expressionism and his work shifted to be almost entirely abstract. Renowned for his intuitive manipulation of colour, form, line and space, Hoyland dedicated himself to pushing the boundaries of what painting and printmaking could achieve.

Jonty Hurwitz

Born in 1969, in Johannesburg, “The Binge Thinking Collection” was his study on the physics of how we perceive space. Each piece is the stroke of over 1 billion calculations and draws upon a unique way in which our brains interpret the spacial information they receive. He usually starts by expressing a concept using mathematical tools, often involving billions of calculations and many months of preparation. After, he then explores ways to manifest these formulae in the physical world. Each piece is both an engineering and artistic challenge.

Jeff Lowe

Sculptor Jeff Lowe attended St Martin’s in the early 70’s and was taught by the leading radical sculptor Sir Anthony Caro and many of the ‘New Generation’ group including Philip King and William Tucker. In this environment Lowe’s sculpture flourished and he was offered at the age of 21 a one man show at the prestigious Leicester Gallery in London’s Cork Street and represented Britain at the Paris Biennale.  Lowe continues to play a major role in advancing abstract sculpture and has shown in such venues as Hayward, Serpentine Galleries, The National Gallery, Australia, Josine Bokhoven, Amsterdam and Robert Steele, New York.

Summer Treatments


Indulge yourself with a relaxing full body exfoliation by the layering of richly nourishing products to leave the skin looking radiant and feeling wonderful plus a mini facial treatment that instantly smooths and refreshes your face skin.

In My Glowing Skin
(30 min) 
The Conrad Signature Essential Facial 
(30 min)

Culinary Extravaganza 2.0

04/11 - 06/11

Standby for the second edition of the Culinary Event of the year!

Culinary Extravaganza will be back in November with the re-defined concept of EVOLUTION, bringing a constellation of selected Michelin Star and globally renowned Chefs, Sommeliers and Mixologists from Hilton’s culinary portfolio, to create a series of exclusive events. A three-day gourmet extravaganza, hosted by Chef Heinz Beck where food lovers can experience exquisite signature dishes and premium wines combined with diferent venues within the hotel.


  • Grand Opening Event | 245€
  • Welcome Mixology cocktail experience
  • Michelin Star signature dishes paired with premium wine selection
  • Entertainment with live performances by Maxmomentum Crew


  • BBQ Brunch, Dado Q | 95€
  • Michelin Star dining experience paired with premium wines at Gusto | 245€


  • Roof Garden Suite Lunch | 95€
  • Closing dinner Party | 245€

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